• Big Hand is, "probably the most exciting and effective aid to introducing both children and learners to racket skills in a simple and fun manner." Joyce Buckley Vice-President World Squash Federation
  • "Hand-eye-ball co-ordination is a crucial factor in the teaching of squash to youngsters, in this regard the Big Hand makes it so much easier and fun to teach the kids this important element. I recommend it to all coaches working with development squads." Major S Maniam Regional Director (Asia) World Squash Federation Coaching and Development Committee
  • "I have had so much fun with it and have really enjoyed the interactive experience with the youngsters. I recommend it as a teaching tool, especially on the backhand as it helps the kids to understand the importance of the wrist action and it won’t allow them to develop the floppy wrist syndrome. It is also interesting to see how possessive they become with their own Big Hands." Stuart Dixon Regional Director (Pan America) World Squash Federation Coaching and Development Committee
  • "Having tried Big Hand myself, I think it is the ideal method to teach small children hand-eye-coordination and motivate them to start playing racket sports." Michael Khan General Secretary Osterreichischer Squash Rackets Verband
We have received similar verbal accolades from tennis coaches